The most international half marathon in Finland


The Helsinki Half Marathon (HHM) is the most international half marathon event in Finland! In 2018 over 20 % of the runners came from 60 different countries – all the way from Australia and the United States.

The journey of the HHM started in 2014 when a group of local runners wanted to give Helsinki something it was missing – an international half marathon event. The next HHM will be the sixth annual race and each year the number of participants grows.

We are ready to make the HHM 2019 unforgettable for you, our runner!

Great route!

The route at the Helsinki Half Marathon starts and ends in front of the famous Finlandia Hall. The course traverses the beautiful city center of Helsinki, including the coastline of Eira and Kaivopuisto, followed by the crowded market square. The race continues along the coastline through cosy Katajannokka and past the impressive Uspenski Cathedral. After Pasila, runners make their way to the finish line and the end of Helsinki Half Marathon!

Great pacers!

We want to provide the best possible experience during our event for all runners, and that’s why we are now focusing on our pacers. Pacers?! Yes!

In 2018 we provided many pacers to accommodate runners at different levels of fitness: for fast runners to those who just wanted to finish the race at a relaxed pace. Our pacers cheered for runners along the course, while focusing on keeping the right pace and helping the runners reach their goals – whether it was a specific time, or simply reaching the finish line of the half marathon itself.

Fastest 100 meters?

Last year, in 2018, we had a little bonus competition for those who always want to run their fastest meters at the end of the race. We had a “final sprint” -competition!

The last 100 meters were marked by flags and the runner who covered this distance fastest – despite their finishing time – won a wrist computer from our partner Suunto. The winner ran these last 100 meters in a time of 13.06 seconds. What a beast!

Let’s see, what we have for our runners next year 2019! – does this mean let’s see if anyone in 2019 can beat that time, or let’s see if we have a similar bonus competition in 2019?

Helsinki, a fantastic city!

The HHM is certainly a great reason itself to visit Finland, but adding Helsinki in the summer time will give you an unforgettable experience. Have you heard of the magical “summer sun”? This refers to the sun that is up until eleven in the evening and returns at four in the morning. Yes, you can experience this in Helsinki in the beginning of June!

Helsinki is truly magnificent in the summer. Everything and everybody wakes up with renewed energy. People enjoy late evenings, swimming in the sea along with a visit to the sauna, organizing picnics with friends, going sightseeing in the city center, or just taking it easy and enjoying time in the numerous parks in Helsinki.

Welcome to Helsinki! Come and experience the best of Helsinki and the HHM!

Helsinki Half Marathon on 8 June 2019 (link to the website)

Written by Elina Vastakoski | Photo (above): Kimmo Lindeman

Elina Vastamaki

The author of the article just before a half marathon race in Amsterdam