Take it easy – come to Helsinki to run!

Helsinki has become an exciting tourist destination yearly attracting more and more visitors from all over the world. The clean air, beautiful nature, scenic marine environment, and peaceful Nordic atmosphere are the main attractions, which few cities can offer. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Helsinki.

Helsinki Cathedral

For those who love to run, Helsinki and the surrounding areas offer high quality international running events. Helsinki is easily reached from all over the world, so come join us for your next running adventure! After you have enjoyed your running event, Helsinki offers countless activities for runners and their family members. Here are some tips: Helsinki After Run – 6 Tips for Exhausted Runners.

The following international running events will be held in Helsinki and the surrounding areas from May 2017 to October 2017. International runners are warmly welcome!

Running Events in Helsinki Region

Espoon Iltajuoksu (5 May 2017)

  • Half marathon, 14km & 7km fun run
  • Road race
  • Location: Espoo (near Helsinki)

Bodom Trail (5-6 May 2017)

  • 10km and 21km
  • Trail run & Night trail run
  • Location: Espoo
  • Vacant spots available at Bodom Night and Bodom Team

Helsinki City Run (13 May 2017)

  • Half marathon
  • Road race
  • Location: Helsinki

Naisten Kymppi – Women’s Fun Run (20-21 May 2017)

Helsinki Half Marathon (10 June 2017)

  • Half marathon and 10km
  • Road race
  • Location: Helsinki

Helsinki Trail Run (1 July 2017)

  • 8km and 16km
  • Trail run
  • Location: Helsinki

Helsinki Twilight Run & Walk (5 August 2017)

  • 10km, 21.1 km and kids run + 5km walk
  • Road race
  • Location: Helsinki

Helsinki City Marathon (12 August 2017)

Helsinki Street Run (12 August 2017)

Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon (2 September 2017)

Espoo Rantamaraton (16-17 September 2017)

  • Marathon and half marathon (16 Sep 2017)
  • 10km, 5km and 1km (for children) (17 Sep 2017)
  • Road race
  • Location: Espoo

Vantaa Maraton (14 October 2017)

  • Marathon, half marathon, 10km and marathon relay
  • Road race
  • Location: Vantaa

Further information about Helsinki is available at www.visithelsinki.fi

Jarmo Koskela, editor-in-chief, www.runinfinland.fi

Photos: (1) Visit Finland, (2) Helsinki City Run / SUL/Sykesport, (3) Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon / Aapo Laiho, (4) Espoo Rantamarathon / Onevision.fi, (5) Helsinki Trail Run, (6) Helsinki City Marathon / Nina Kaverinen