Running on the trails shaped by the Ice Age

Rokua TrailRun 2018b

The Rokua TrailRun event takes place in the heart of the Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark and the trail goes through the Rokua National Park. The Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark is the first and only official UNESCO Global Geopark in Finland and also the most northern Geopark in the world. The nature and landforms display a unique story of the last Ice Age – when the melting ice, strong winds and receding shoreline shaped the landscapes of Rokua area.

For trail runners, the Rokua area is a versatile natural setting, where the participants enjoy trails travelling through eskers, kettle holes, ground water lakes and ancient sand dunes. The unique natural setting, the atmosphere at the start and finish area and all the other trail running enthusiasts create it to be a memorable trail running event.

Distances in the Rokua TrailRun event are 10 km, 21 km and 42 km. The route goes through the Rokua National Park, one of the oldest national parks in Finland. Remember to continue running, even if you would like to admire natural-state lichen heaths and clear-watered lakes along the way!

Rokua TrailRun event is perfectly suited for the first timers, however, the height differences and varying paths in a stunning scenery will not make it easy for you. The 10km track has 170m, 21km has 410m and the 42km 820m of elevation gain. Rokua’s ridges and kettle holes also gives a challenge for experienced trail runners. On this journey, the challenge is certainly for everyone.

Rokua’s clusters of old pine trees, white lichen and numerous little lakes have runners marveling at the beauty of nature. The area offers experience for everyone, whether you seek a nice path to run your own pace and wish to marvel at nature, or just want to get through rigorous exercise. Experience the beauty of Rokua and challenge yourself!

Rokua TrailRun on 18 August 2019

Written by Hannu Kaikkonen | Photo (above): Lassi Karvonen


Hannu Kaikkonen