Run to the hills

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What would be better than to spend the final days of summer trail running through the beautiful nature of Vuokatti? (We can’t think of anything!!)… When the air is getting crisp and the sun is still shining, it’s the perfect time to get out your running shoes and head to Halti Outdoor Weekend´s Trail Run!

The main events are the 22km, 42km and 57km trail run. There are also a variety of other activities for all levels including bike, family, dog, or normal hiking and forest yoga; all of which are surrounded by Vuokatti’s beautiful nature.

The routes run through the Vuokatti hiking trails and legendary 13 hills area, Vuokatinvaara.

You can choose from three different trail races: 22km, 42km or 57km.  The terrain of the courses varies from swamps to grass and rocky hills to sandy roads.

The 22 km route goes over 13 hills (or “vaaras” as we call them in Finland) and its total altitude is 960 meters. The run is very technical and challenging but its beautiful surroundings make it well worth the trek. The track is also very versatile with its wide and clean paths, duckboards, stairs and rocky areas. This route is by far the most stunning part of the Halti Outdoor Weekend Trail Run and is included in all of the courses.

The 42 km competition is located at the Maanselän Etappi and it follows the UKK-hiking path. After the Maanselän Etappi, there is a long uphill as the track goes over Lappavaara hill area. Then, the next climb is at Teerivaara, which is the starting line of the 22km route.  The rest of the track continues on the 22km race course.

The start of the 57km race is at the Rumo UKK-cottage. The first 10 kilometres is on fairly flat terrain, however, after that you start the 4.5km climb where you can discover your Finnish “sisu”. The course then continues onto the 42km route.

Halti Outdoor Weekend Trail Run is part of the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and therefore points can be earned for UTMB access.

Halti Outdoor Weekend Trail Run on 7 September 2019 (link to the website)

Written by Waltteri Kanerva and Keira Niemi | Photo by Vaarojen valokuvaajat