Late autumn nights bring us night trail events!

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How about 13 km from Paloheinä to Alppipuisto in the great forest with your lamp? Or maybe 13 km in Nuuksio forest on versatile terrain? If you can’t choose between these two, do them both!

Helsinki Night Trail 6.9.2019

Helsinki Night Trail will be organized for the first time in 2019 as a one way run from Paloheinä to Alppipuisto. This one-way run is about 13 km long and is suitable for every level of runner interested in experiencing some adventure.

This one-way-night-trail introduces you to a part of the most beautiful nature in Helsinki. You will, for example, climb up Paloheinä hill and enjoy some nice trails deep in the night forest. The event starts after the sunset at 20.30.

You don’t need anything but yourself and your lamp with you and you’re ready for Helsinki Night Trail. Ok, a bit of an adventurous mindset might help you too!

Nuuksio Night Trail 4.10.2019

Nuuksio Night Trail will take over the trails in Nuuksio again at the beginning of October, when night has fallen. The event is now in its fourth year!

Nuuksio Night Trail starts from the Luukki recreational area, where the headlamps depart into the silent – and not so silent – trails. The course terrain is diverse so you should keep your eyes open and knees high in case you encounter something other than just normal trails. “It’s part of trail running, that you suddenly find yourself all fours from the ground wondering, what just happened”, explains the writer of this article as the mental wounds of falling have been healed. So yes, you will find different terrain during your run in Nuuksio Night Trail: jump over the fallen trees, climb up steep hills on all fours and test your shoe grip on the cliffs. Experience all this and more in October with us!

Nuuksio Night Trail will surprise you with the variety of terrain. All you need to experience this is to take your lamp with you and sign up for the run!

Night Trail Double

Hard to choose which night trail you would like to run? Easy, choose them both! We will reward the king of the night and the queen of the night among those who attend both races. Winners will be those, whose combined time from the Helsinki Night Trail and Nuuksio Night Trail is the lowest overall. Please note that the registration for both events is more affordable than ever.

See you, when the darkness falls over the forests!

Helsinki Night Trail 6.9.2019 (website)
Nuuksio Night Trail 4.10.2019 (website)

Written by Elina Vastakoski | Photo (above): Otso Heinonen


The author of the article right after the Stockholm 10