Kokkola Ultra Run – An epic and unforgettable ultrarunning experience

By Fredrik Olaussen

Kokkola Ultra Run is a long distance running competition with distances of 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. The race is held in the city centre of Kokkola, and the course follows the city river. The race course, 864.1 metres, is officially measured. The course is quite flat and there is approximately one meter climb per lap, with half of the course ongravel and the other half on tarmac. The results from previous years are solid evidence that the course is fast, and good results are possible. 2017’s race race will be held on 20–21 May.

Kokkola is located on the west coast of Finland. Here the winters are long, cold and dark, but during the summer, the nights are very short and bright. With the Midnight Sun, the atmosphere is perfect for an epic and unforgettable ultra-running experience. In May, the temperatures are not too high and the nights not too cold. The sound of the birds’ wake-up singing in the middle of the night at the same time as you are in the toughest fight against fatigue is truly an experience not soon to be forgotten.


Photo: Kurt Wargh

The 2017 competition is the fourth in a row. The event has achieved a permanent place in the Finnish Ultra running calendar. The positive feedback from earlier years and the true “love of the game” are sources of inspiration that drive the organizers, West Coast Ultra Runners, to aim for an even better event in 2017.

We at the West Coast Ultra Runners hope to turn the Kokkola Ultra Run into a more international event in the future. The webpage www.kokkolaultrarun.fi is in English and first class service in English, Norwegian and Swedish is guaranteed. The city of Kokkola/Karleby is bilingual, so all service in the city is also offered in Swedish – and of course in English.

Kokkola is easily accessible by train or by plane. Finnair flies from Helsinki and NextJet from Stockholm. The airport of Vaasa, located 120 km south of Kokkola, has several convenient direct connections from Copenhagen with SAS.

Please visit our webpage or send us an email at info@kokkolaultrarun.fi for more information.

We hope to see a growing ultra-running community coming together for an unforgettable experience at Kokkola Ultra Run in May 2017.


Photo: Kurt Wargh