Helsinki Halloween Run 26.10.2019!

Helsinki Halloween Run_a

Zombies? Minnie Mouse? Superman? A horse? Pumpkins? 10k or 5k on a flat course? All this and more at the Helsinki Halloween Run!


The Helsinki Halloween Run takes place on the 26th of October in Arabianranta, when Halloween parties are just around the corner! The flat course follows the beautiful Arabianranta coastline. The 5k is one loop and 10k is two loops.

The event is open for everyone, so it doesn’t matter if you are a pro-runner or a total beginner! We welcome you all to this event!


The Helsinki Halloween Run is a fun event, where you can run 5k or 10k. You can come in a normal running outfit or take part in the event in a Halloween costume. The Helsinki Halloween Run is famous for  many funny costumes, including cartoon characters, running along the Arabianranta just before Halloween. Last year you could have met Minnie the Mouse on the course, or run past three pumpkins, or given a high five to a horse! You could even make your final sprint with Superman while trying not to let the zombies pass you.

Every year we have awarded the best costumes, as we will this year also! So bring yourself to the event in your weirdest costume and take part in the race!

We are already excited, who will we see on the starting line this year!

Helsinki Halloween Run on 26 October 2019 (website)

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Helsinki Halloween Run_c

Written by Elina Vastakoski | Photos (above) by Jarmo Koskela


The author of the article right after the Stockholm 10