Helsinki City Marathon took place in the marathon runners’ dream weather – winners from Kenya and Germany

Kenyan Magut Robert Kimaru won the men’s series and Anna Herzberg from Germany the women’s series at the Helsinki City Marathon in 2016. Kimaru won the race in a marathon runner’s dream weather of +16 degrees with time of 2:27:31, and Herzberg in 2:56:29.


The Helsinki City Marathon, which, with 3500 participants, is the largest marathon in Finland. The other running events held on the same day, the Helsinki Street Run and Minimarathon added some 2500 runners to the running crowd.

The Helsinki City Marathon is one of the rare marathons that takes place in August, which is known as a hot summer month in most of Europe. In the more northern parts of Europe, however, weather conditions are usually very suitable at that time of the year. At 60 degrees North, the clear sun and long hours of day-light generate a special atmosphere for marathon running.

This year, runners from 63 countries took part in the event, and each year, the Helsinki City Marathon attracts more and more runners from abroad, with almost 30 % of runners being foreigners. The biggest group comes from Great Britain, followed by Japan and China. These countries have found the beautiful, safe and fresh marathon in Helsinki, Finland.

The new route of the Helsinki City Marathon was introduced a year ago. Runners’ wishes were central in planning the new course, and it has received good feedback. The new scenic two-lap course is faster and stays close to the city center. Many famous sights are along the route, but there is also plenty of nature and sea views along the route too. There are also more spectators compared to the old route.


The Helsinki City Marathon is organized by the Finnish Athletics Federation and three local sports clubs. The Finnish Athletics Federation is a non-profit organization, and the funds raised through the running events are directed to about 600 athletics clubs. The clubs, in turn, organize activities for about 70 000 children, teens and older members practising track & field in Finland.

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