Gain a unique running experience at the Raate Marathon for Finland´s big year 2017!

By Glenn Tetteh

When you ask a runner in what kind of conditions he prefers to run, 99 out of a 100 times he will tell you that he likes to run on a chilly summer day, surrounded by beautiful nature and surroundings. At the end of August, when the Raate Marathon takes place, the summer is about to come to an end around the village of Suomussalmi, which was once the venue of one of the most legendary battles of the Winter´s war!

Raatteen maraton 2

The Raatteen Marathon has been organized for years to honor the veterans who fought battles along the Raate road and the village of Suomussalmi to defend Finland´s independence. In fact, this year is the centenary of Finland´s independence as Finland became an independent state on 6 December 1917. The officially verified road of this marathon, takes you through many war memorials and wartime battlegrounds. If that was not enough, the runners will be surrounded by the finest Finnish nature such as hilly landscapes, forests and beautiful lakes in the region of Kainuu!

Raatteen maraton 3

The Raate Marathon consists of 3 different distances: 10km, half-Marathon and Marathon, so that both experienced and amateur runners can participate. The Marathon will commence at the Raate frontier zone and will, just like the other 2 distances, come to an end in the Suomussalmi tower center.

After the runners have finished, they will be provided with a field meal, a memory medal and the opportunity to relax at the spa which are all included into the participation fee.

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