Five excellent reasons to run in Finland!

There are countless good reasons why you should come to Finland to run – here we present five very important reasons.

1. Clean air

According to international studies, the air in Finland is clean. In a world-wide study, Finland was amongst the countries that have the best air quality in the world. The air quality is good, even in the cities, and the quality is absolutely never bad enough to force people to restrict their activities. Good air quality is a very significant matter to all of us – especially for long-distance runners!

2. Exceptionally long summer days

Finland lies above 60 degrees north latitude. Because of the northern location, the summer days in Finland are exceptionally long. North of the Arctic Circle it is possible to experience the ‘nightless night’, aka ‘the midnight sun’, when the sun does not set below the horizon at all. To put it simply: In summer, Finland offers the most daylight hours for runners!

3. Beautiful nature

Finland is known as the land of the thousand lakes – the exact number is 187 888. There are several different nature types in Finland, accessible in the 40 national parks. Because of the traditional Finnish legal concept of “Freedom to roam”, known as “Everyman’s right”, it is possible to enjoy the natural environment freely without any particular permission. It is also possible to experience the beauty of the Finnish environment in many of the running events.

4. High quality running events!

Finland has a long tradition in long-distance running, and there is a wide range of high quality running events. Long-distance running is a popular and valued hobby and the biggest running events in Finland attract more than 10000 participants. Thousands of foreign runners participate yearly in Finnish running events – and more and more of them come back.

5. You are warmly welcome!

Even though it’s a well-known fact that we Finns are not the most talkative people in the world, we get along very well with our international guests. When the ice has been broken, we can talk and discuss all sorts of topics until late in the evening. You also get a warm reception at the Finnish running events where the international runners are always most welcome.