Enjoy beautiful nature and amazing trails during the Vuokatti Trail Challenge!

By Glenn Tetteh and Marita Kaipainen

At the beginning of September, Autumn is knocking on the door. However, before the trees start losing their leaves and the temperature drops, there are still several chilly summer days to enjoy. In the Kainuu region, which is known for their great variety of lakes, hills and forests, this is a great time to do all sorts of sports and activities in a delightful Finnish setting.

Over the past few years, trail running has become an upcoming running trend also in Finland. Due to this the need for new routes has also increased. The Kainuu region, Vuokatti in particular, which is well-known for its hilly landscapes, forests and beautiful lakes provides the perfect place for trail running.

The Vuokatti Trail Challenge (2 September 2017) consists of 3 different routes to challenge runners of all different skill levels: 23km, 42km and 100km. All of the 3 distances will lead runners through wild forest areas which could prove to be quite the challenge. The runners will experience rocky, swampy and steep areas as well as small and narrow paths and not to mention high hills to challenge their skills. Despite the challenges along the way, the beautiful surroundings will make it worth your while.


The Vuokatti Trail Challenge is part of the Halti Outdoor weekend (1-3 September 2017), which is a new organized to bring hiking, trail running and fat-biking enthusiasts together. It is a suitable for everyone, even families, who can entertain themselves on various hiking trails and several leisure activities. In addition to this, during the weekend, the first ever hiking world championship will take place, so that even the most seasoned hikers have a nice goal to hike towards.


Vuokatti offers also many other programs and things to do. After all, it is Finland’s most diverse resort. There are accommodations available for everyone’s liking from the comfortable hotels to cottages and cabins by the lake. And to top it all off, it is very close to the Vuokatti sports institute event center.

For more information, visit the event website:

Vuokatti Trail Challenge (2 September 2017)

Halti Outdoor Weekend (1-3 September 2017)

Photos: Vaarojen Valokuvaajat