Citroën Naisten Kymppi – The Biggest Women’s Wellbeing and Sporting Event in Finland, 25 May 2019

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Are you searching for a great and refreshing leisure activity? Do you enjoy outdoor sporting activities together with friends and same minded people? If you can identify to these questions, Citroën Naisten Kymppi is the perfect option for you.

The Biggest and Oldest Women’s Sporting and Wellbeing Event

Citroën Naisten Kymppi is the biggest women’s sporting and wellbeing event in Finland. This traditional event brings together women of all ages to celebrate the joy of sporting in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Naisten Kymppi has long history, this year it’s the 36th time when the event has been organized, and the first Naisten Kymppi took place in 1984. The idea of the event isn’t the competition or running seriously against the timer. The idea is to have fun together with friends while doing sports and enjoy the activities that the event has to offer.

Event information

Citroën Naisten Kymppi is located in Mäntymäki, next to the Töölö Sports Hall. The route is 10 km long, cruising through the heart of Helsinki. Route includes a lot of different kind of cheering points and you can enjoy beautiful sceneries of sea, forest and urban surroundings along the way. There will not be timekeeping, so you can run or walk the route with your own pace and enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere.

So, what do you get when you sign up for Citroën Naisten Kymppi? Participation fee includes Citroën Naisten Kymppi T-shirt, program of the event day, picnic type lunch, gift bag and course services. The event starts at 10:00 and the program includes a lot of exciting activities, e.g. event expo, musical performances and different kind of exercises. First start of the event is at 13:00.

Why you should participate

The event is organized by the Finnish Athletics Federation. The profits of the event are used to develop juvenile track and field activities in Finland. Citroën Naisten Kymppi is also Ekokompassi-certificated event. Ekokompassi is an environmental system for companies and events, which goal is to improve the condition of the environment, and to assure that the services of the event are as eco-friendly as possible. When you participate, you automatically support a good cause. You will also get amazing experiences and exercise in a good company. We hope to see you and your friends at the finish line of Citroën Naisten Kymppi, on May 25th!

Citroën Naisten Kymppi on 25 May 2019 (link to the website)

Written by Ville Mannonen | Photos by the Finnish Athletics Federation

Ville Mannonen

Ville Mannonen