• The mission of the network Run in Finland is to promote running events and locations in Finland.


  • The network is based on a common vision:
    • In Finland there are beautiful natural locations and urban areas that are perfect for running.
    • In Finland there are many high quality running events with growth potential.
    • With cooperation we can do more!

Open network

  • The network is open for all actors in Finland who fulfil the following criteria:
    • Strong intent and will to serve also international runners.
    • Credible, comprehensive and up-to-date presence on the internet, and active communication also in English.
    • Previous experience of organising running events – not for first-timers!

Contact information

  • Editor-in-Chief & Founder: Mr. Jarmo Koskela, +358504395063, email: info@runinfinland.fi

Photo: Vuokatti Trail Challenge by Vaarojen Valokuvaajat

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