The biggest and most international running event in Finland – Helsinki City Running Day on May 18th, 2019


Would you like to run the streets of Finland’s capital and enjoy the beautiful city centre and the sea views while running? If yes, Finland’s biggest and most international running event, Helsinki City Running Day, in May would be the perfect option for you.

Helsinki City Running Day attracts 15 000 runners from 82 nations and combines the largest running events of Finland into one day. There is something for everyone: Finland’s largest half marathon Helsinki City Run, the 39th Helsinki City Marathon, Helsinki City Marathon Relay which features a great team spirit, the short but sweet Helsinki City 5 and the adorable Minimarathon. Also, completing the half marathon and marathon on the same day is possible. All these great events will fill the streets of Helsinki on 18 May 2019!

The most popular half marathon in Finland Helsinki City Run with over 10 000 runners

Helsinki City Run half marathon is an iconic running event in Finland which gathers together over 10 000 runners from all over the world every year. Over 85 % of the runners rate it Excellent! The Helsinki City Run (or “HCR” as the Finns call it) is something that you need to experience for yourself. Helsinki City Run half marathon has been the kick off for the summer season since the year 1994 and has always been the most popular half marathon of Finland.

The 39th Helsinki City Marathon with a beautiful sea view and the city centre

On the same day there is also another legendary Finnish running event, the Helsinki City Marathon which has a long history. The Helsinki City Marathon was organized for the first time in the year 1981 and it has always been the most international and largest marathon event in Finland. In 2018, the Helsinki City Marathon’s date changed from August to May, and from now on the Helsinki City Marathon will be organized in May on the day called Helsinki City Running Day. Next year, the 39th Helsinki City Marathon’s route will offer you a beautiful sea views and also offer views of Helsinki’s city center.

Double the experience

If you can’t choose between the half marathon and the marathon, you can also run both on the same day! This event is called Helsinki City Double, and it is for runners who want to first run the half marathon and after that also take part in the full marathon. Runners will get the services and results from both events but also participate in Helsinki City Double general series. During Helsinki City Running Day everything is possible!

Experiences for everyone; urban Helsinki City 5, Helsinki City Marathon Relay with team spirit and the cutest Minimarathon for children

If you prefer to enjoy the great atmosphere and don’t want to aim for the full marathon or half marathon (or both!), Helsinki City Running Day offers you other options as well.  You can share the Helsinki City Marathon with 4 persons and participate in the relay. The Relay follows the route of the marathon with legs of 15, 12, 8, or 7 kms.  If you want to run individually, you can try the urban Helsinki City 5! The Helsinki City 5 is a 5 km event through the city of Helsinki. In this event you can either race or walk, the entry fee includes everything from the running shirt to great snacks and drinks at the finish area. This is the best way to experience the atmosphere of a large running event!

Should you wish to share the great day of running with your children, you can also take your kids to the children’s Minimarathon during the morning of Helsinki City Running Day. The Minimarathon is all about laughter, play and running (1 km). After the Minimarathon, you will be able to participate in the other races.

May 18th, 2019 will be a special day of running. We hope to see you and perhaps your family too at the finish line! Helsinki City Running Day wishes you a warm welcome to experience beautiful Helsinki in fresh spring weather (average in May +15 C) with great atmosphere and great service.

Helsinki City Running Day on 18 May 2019 (link to the website)

Written by Annamari Ahonen | Photo (above): Jesse Väänänen

Annamari Ahonen HCRD

The author of the article just before the Helsinki City Marathon