Kainuu Orienteering Week

Kainuu Orienteering Week is an annual, international orienteering event which is being held in Kainuu province in Finland since year 1966. With reflecting the Finnish traditions Kainuu Orienteering Week is the second oldest orienteering week in the world. >>>>

Happy New Year 2017!

Bodom Trailin Lähtö 5.5.2016

What’s your New Year’s Resolution as a runner for 2017? Why don’t you make a decision and come to Finland and run with us! >>>>


Why on Earth...?


There are countless good reasons why you should come to Finland to run – here we present five very important reasons. >>>>



Lonely Planet has ranked Finland as the third best travel destination for 2017. >>>>

Editor’s Word


Run in Finland promotes running events and locations in Finland. Run in Finland – You are warmly welcome! >>>>

“It’s time to discover the world’s best kept secret — Finland”

Ira Kalb – Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California in Huffington Post

Trends and specialities


Experienced organisers of running events talk about current trends in running in Finland. They also talk about the specialities of the Finnish running culture. >>>>


After a long running competition, it’s a good idea for the exhausted runner to take a small break from running and enjoy the other opportunities Helsinki has to offer. Here we give you six tips on what to do in Helsinki on the days after your running event. >>>>



Terwa Run & Marathon will be held on May 20th, 2017 in Oulu, which is Finland’s fifth-largest city. YMCA Oulu has organized the event annually since 1989, so this will be the 29th edition of the event, whose popularity has quite rapidly increased during the past ten years. It attracts runners from every corner of Finland — increasingly from abroad also — and it is the biggest running event in Northern Finland. >>>>


In terms of participants, the Vantaa Marathon is the second most popular full marathon in Finland. Runners can choose from three distances: full marathon, half marathon, or quarter marathon. Every year there are 1300–1600 runners who participate. >>>>


It is no accident that Scandinavian marathons are all held during the summer. At 60 degrees north, the clear sun and long hours of day-light generate a special atmosphere. >>>>


Kuopio Maraton (2 September 2017) is the largest running event in Eastern Finland, filling the streets of Kuopio with runners and spectators every autumn. >>>>


Kokkola Ultra Run is a long distance running competition with distances of 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. The race is held in the city centre of Kokkola, and the course follows the city river. The race course, 864.1 metres, is officially measured. >>>>


In the beginning of September, when the temperature is dropping but it’s not yet too chilly, it’s a good time to go outside and enjoy the first days of autumn in the middle of Finland, in Kainuu. The variety of lakes and hills in the boreal uninhabited forest area creates an enjoyable environment for all sorts of activities and sports. >>>>


The Rovaniemi Marathon follows the Kemijoki, Finland’s longest and most impressive river. The city of Santa Claus welcomes all runners, and the interesting route helps runners to complete their event, whether it be the 10K, half marathon or full marathon. >>>>

Nuuksio Classic 2017

Race Reports


Kenyan Magut Robert Kimaru won the men’s series and Anna Herzberg from Germany the women’s series at the Helsinki City Marathon in 2016. >>>>


I have always been fascinated with the Arctic Circle and what it is like in the extreme days they experience – from days of darkness to nothing but daylight. >>>>


A warm and sunny morning, high cliffs by calm forest lakes, narrow trails through wet and muddy swamps and 1000+ runners – a perfect setting for the opening of my 2016 trail running season! >>>>


What a wonderful sunshine today! Let's enjoy that in the outdoors and celebrate it with this sunny pic from @bodomtrail last spring. In southern #Finland trails will be soon free from ice! 📷Poppis Suomela
First it was windy and snowing- then it was #$@ing windy and raining 17 k . Made me smile. That Berghaus jacket works well. Buut I had my summer tights ⛄☉😊😊🏃😥. #ultratraining #nurselife #runnersworld #runchat #runinfinland #running #marathontraining #madefromchocolate
Our weekend trail runs. Enjoyed visiting those familiar forests where I have wandered daily in my youth – and with a 🐶 of course! We met this time two deers from a close distance. Magnificent. Lately I have met foxes and deers. No elks for a year. Love to run in a wild nature. Do you meet wild animals often while trail running? ••• #trailrun #running #runnerscommunity #runnergirl #runinfinland #runlikeagirl #instarunners #timetoplay #salomonrunning #slabsenseultra #ultrarunnertobe #runningwithdogs #hölkkämäyrät #visitfinland #espoo #grani #wildlife #kasavuori #nuuksio #suurpelto #peakperformance #goretexactive #kohtinutspallasta #nutspallas2017 #bodomtrail #bordercollie #juoksu #löpning
Hip hei, Nuuksio Classicin ilmoittautuminen hyvässä vauhdissa! Tervetuloa mukaan iloiseen porukkaan! Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon registration started yesterday at a lively pace. Welcome to join the cheerful atmosphere! #polkujuoksu #trailrunning #marathon #ultrarunning #bufftrailtourfinland #Nuuksio70
Trailrun & it was long one here in winterwonderland ❤- Jihaa --#teamcanada ( part of it) 🏃🏃➡Niagara falls marathon ☉☉☉👟👟👟😍😍 #longrun #runchat #runinfinland #marathontraining #correr #run
Vuoden 2017 ilmoittautuminen aukeaa klo 18:00. 42 vai 70km, siinäpä kysymys! Registration opens in 10 minutes. Put your name on the starting list and a smile on your face at! 📷Poppis Suomela
Check out a selection of photos from Aktia maantiejuoksucup (18 March 2017) - a popular test run with more than 400 runners - at 📷 Jarmo Koskela #Aktiamaantiejuoksucup #RuninFinland #running #run #runner #juoksu #juoksijakuva #jooks #löpning #lb #laufen #courir #correre #corrida #bieganie #бег #ランニング #běh #runnerscommunity #runningcommunity #xtremerunninglife #worlderunners #runhappy #happyrunner #runforfun #instarun #instarunner #igrunners #runstrong #runshots
Longrun in the morning and shorter & faster 6 k in the afternoon. ☉🐕🐕. Me & my buddy both tired & happy.. Tomorrow starts longrun with #teamcanada 💚 and some football. Ultratraining 💗💗 Enjoying #spring #correr #runinfinland #ultratrainingfriend #runwithdog #marathontraining
Toistaiseksi viimeinen juoksu espoolaisena, mutta se meni sitäkin paremmin. It was last run so far as a runner from Espoo. Back to relocation project... #running #runner #easyrun #avghrbeat143 #myespoo #relocation #suunto #newbalance #pklenkki #helposti #rantaraitti #juoksu #sambarunning #juoksuliike #runinfinland #espoo #muuttohommia
Hyvää alkavaa sporttiviikonloppua! Muistathan, että sunnuntaina klo 18 alkaa ilmoittautuminen Nuuksion poluille! Registration to #NuuksioClassic Trail Marathon and #Nuuksio70 Trail Ultra opens this Sunday 6pm Finnish time at Welcome! 📷Poppis Suomela


"I Like Running" - Check out a new running video by Mikko Valtonen (4 Feb 2017, Tampere, Finland) Read more

"Breath" is the winner of the trail running related short film contest, which was organized by and Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon.
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Four Seasons - a trail running video from Finland. Directed and produced by Orange Team Hayabusa, dramatised by Rauta-Reetta, edited by niilosmc, photography and video supervisor niilos mc and Rauta-Reetta.
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With subtitles in english (use "cc"). -- Paljasjalkajuoksija, lasten Mini Maraton, uusi reittiennätys, onnistumisen riemua. Tätä ja paljon muuta tarjosi viidettä kertaa järjestetty Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon, joka keräsi lähes kuusisataa juoksijaa Nuuksion poluille.
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Vuonna 2013 käynnistynyt NUTS Pallas on Suomen suurin ultrajuoksu, jonka pitkille matkoille osallistui vuonna 2015 yli 300 juoksijaa. Pallas- ja Ounastunturit ylittävä reitti on yksi Suomen perinteisimmistä vaellusreiteistä. Polku kulkee suurimmaksi osaksi avotunturissa, ja nousua 55km:n matkalla kertyy lähes 1600m. Tapahtuman maali ja kisakeskus sijaitsevat Enontekiön Hetan kylässä.
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The longest race we have ever done! Kride finished 8th in 5.30, and Bjørn (filming) finished in 7.59.30.It was wind, rain and fog, but beautiful nature all the way. Try this race if you are thinking about testing the ultra distance. You can also run 26k, or 134k, that...
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Run the Race of a Lifetime - Rovaniemi Marathon on July 2nd 2016. Producer Olli Tiuraniemi Film by Juha Niemelä
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Run the Race of a LifetimeRovaniemi Marathon on July 2nd 2016Welcome to Rovaniemi"THE ROUTE"ProductionArctic Marathon ClubRovaniemi – the official hometown on Santa ClausProducerOlli TiuraniemiFilm byJuha NiemeläMusic byJanne "JanneAir" Airaksinen from Lapland Material Bank
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Finland´s location in the crossroads of west and east provides a great opportunity for travellers to experience Finland en route to Europe. When travelling via Helsinki, why not stay in Finland for a day or two and discover another destination on your way? Find your own StopOver package for...
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Helsinki City Run is a half marathon race taking place in May. It is organized by Finnish Athletic Federation. The profits from the race go to youth athletics. 2017 Helsinki City Run takes place 13.5.2017. More information in English
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Naisten Kymppi is the biggest women’s wellbeing and running event in Finland, and every year it brings together girls and women of all ages. The first ever Naisten Kymppi took place in 1984. You can run, jog or walk the route with your own pace and enjoy the fun...
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Bodom Trail was run on 5 May 2016 in Espoo. Bodom Trai is part of the Buff Trail Tour Finland 2016.
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Run the Race of a LifetimeRovaniemi Marathon on July 2nd 2016Welcome to Rovaniemi!ProductionArctic Marathon ClubRovaniemi – the official hometown on Santa ClausProducerOlli TiuraniemiFilm byJuha Niemelä Music byJanne "JanneAir" Airaksinen from Lapland Material Bank
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Run the Race of a Lifetime! Rovaniemi Marathon on July 2nd 2016. Welcome to Rovaniemi!
Read more shoot & edit Sami Wilenius camera: Panasonic GH4 4K NAISTEN KYMPPI - WOMEN'S FUN RUN Naisten Kymppi is the biggest women’s running event in Finland, and every year it brings together girls and women of all ages. The first ever Naisten Kymppi took place in 1984. You can...
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Trail Tour Finland 2015 - Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon, 5 September 2015--
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