Monday 13 March 2017

2017 Helsinki City Run medal unveiled

Here´s the official finisher’s medal of Helsinki City Run 2017! In exactly two months these medals will be given to the half marathon finishers at the Sonera Stadium.

Helsinki City Run takes place on 13 May 2017

Photo: SUL

HCR 2017 finisher medal

Monday 6 March 2017

Paavo Nurmi Marathon has joined the network

Turku is the hometown of Paavo Nurmi, the nine-time Olympic gold medalist and the Athlete of the 20th century. Paavo Nurmi Marathon offers three different courses to explore Turku by foot – full marathon, half marathon and 10km run – in the footsteps of legendary Paavo Nurmi.

Paavo Nurmi Marathon has recently joined the network Run in Finland.

Paavo Nurmi Marathon will be run on 1 July 2017


Monday 6 February 2017

Opportunities to train together – Welcome!

All runners who have registered for the Finnish Athletic’s (FA) running events can join trainings and runs organised by FA and Juoksuliike for free. There are about three trainings per month during the spring 2017 which aim to motivate and support the training towards each runners’ personal goals. So far the dates published reach until Helsinki City Run half marathon in May but training will continue also during the summer months.

The goal of the events is to train together towards the Helsinki City Run half marathon or Helsinki City Marathon day’s events. Let’s enjoy and experience running together! There are two slower runs and one “theme training” available each month. The language of the training is Finnish but coaches and runners are happy to translate and chat in English, too.

Slower runs

60-75 minutes in low tempo in five groups:

  • 5.30 min/km – lasting about 60-75 min
  • 6.00 min/km – lasting about 60-75 min
  • 6.30 min/km – lasting about 60-75 min
  • 7.00 min/km – lasting about 60 min
  • 7.30-8:00 min/km – lasting about 60 min

Theme trainings

Training starts at 18.00 o’clock and lasts about 1 h 30 min. Each training begins with 10-15 min warm up run. After warming up there is about 20 min of mobility and running technic part. Then we move on to the actual themed training part. ​

Main trainings

  • 16.2. Speed endurance: developing speed endurance with interval training
  • 16.3. Uphill running: more power from up hill
  • 30.3. Running technic: speed and smoothness via good running technic
  • 27.4. Fartlek: running in intervals
  • 4.5. Final training session for HCR half marathon

The coaches at HCR-trainings are former top-runner Janne Ukonmaanaho and other coaches from Juoksuliike, which is the official training partner of Finnish Athletics. They organize different training groups and running schools around Finland.

Next events

Training: Slower run SUN 12.2. at 12:00, starts from Töölö Sports Hall’s Lasse Virén statue (behind the building)
Theme training THU 16.2., at 18:00, starting place tbd

Training: Slower run SUN 5.3. kello 12:00 starts from Pirkkola Sportsarea’s icehockey arena’s lobby
Training: Slower run SUN 12.3. kello 12:00, starts from Töölö Sports Hall’s Lasse Virén statue (behind the building)
Theme training THU 16.3., klo 18:00, starting place tbd
Theme training THU 30.3., klo 18:00, starting place tbd

Training: Slower run SUN 2.4. kello 12:00, starts from Pirkkola Sportsarea’s icehockey arena’s lobby
Training: Slower run SUN 9.4. kello 12:00, starts from Töölö Sports Hall’s Lasse Virén statue (behind the building)
Theme training THU 27.4. kello 18:00, starting place tbd

Theme training THU 4.4., klo 18:00, starting place tbd
Training: Slower run SUN 7.5. Kello 12.00, starts from Pirkkola Sportsarea’s icehockey arena’s lobby

Welcome! More information from maraton(at)

FA reserves the right to changes on dates and trainings.




Tuesday 27 December 2016

Finnish trail running statistics 2016

Trail running participation in Finland keeps growing at a fast pace. During 2016, ever more runners found from road to trails, new events were born and, unlike in many road runs, the most popular events continued to grow.

According to the statistics maintained by, in 2016 there were alltogether 110 trail running events in Finland, an increase of 47% from 2015. The total amount of runners who started in these events was 14552, coincidentally also increasing 47% year on year. This makes trail running one of the fastest growing fitness & outdoor activities of the year in Finland. Compared to the 100% participation growth from 2014 to 2015, the 2016 percentage is more moderate but the absolute growth numbers are on the same level, i.e. about 5000 new event participations. We predict the trend line to point up also in 2017.

The exact amount of trail runners in Finland remains unknown but we can extrapolate that using the participant statistics of Buff Trail Tour Finland that connects seven major events to a series. In each event of the series, one distance gives points to the Trail Tour. Altogether, 1650 runners scored points 2240 times, equalling to average 1,36 events per runner. Dividing the total of 14,5k event participants with 1,36, we land at the conclusion that 10000-11000 Finns participated an organised trail running event in 2016. On top of this are those runners who run on trails without signing up to events.

The amount of participants and events grew at equal pace, meaning that the average size of trail running events remained on 2015 level, i.e. 132 runners. The most popular events continued to grow but there were many new local events that attracted few tens of runners.


Bodom Trail in the beginning of May was the biggest trail run with 1051 runners. Photo: Poppis Suomela

The biggest trail run in 2016 was Bodom Trail with 1051 runners on the starting line. This was the first trail event in Finland breaking the barrier of thousand runners. On the newcomer list, pole position went with 432 participants to Kotka Trail that successfully introduced trail running to the South-Eastern coastal area of Finland. There were also several local trail cups of 3-6 events in different cities around the country. In line with 2015, the biggest was Tampere Trail Cup that recorded almost 600 starts in six runs during April and May.

Probably the most astonishing trail running phenomenon in 2016 was NUTS Karhunkierros: In total 849 runners succesfully challenged themselves on the legendary trails of Oulanka national park. What makes this so remarkable is that for most participants, it is by no means around the corner. Majority of runners came from Helsinki area, over 800km away from the event. The finishers completed 42603 kilometers in total on 31-160km courses, a class of its own among Finnish trail running events. Also the participant experience was on top level and it pays off: Despite of the bigger participant quota (1600), the 2017 event was sold out in record time. (Note, there are still some slots for international participants.) This is a strong indication of a continuing growth of trail running in Finland.

10 biggest trail runs in Finland 2016
(collected from result lists, may differ from the amount of registered and started runners)

Event / Participants

1 Bodom Trail 1051
2 Helsinki City Trail 852
3 NUTS Karhunkierros 849
4 Vaarojen Maraton 763
5 NUTS Pallas 629
6 Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon 555
7 Kotka Trail 432
8 Tunturimaraton 370
9 Sipoonkorpi Trail 344
10 Helsinki Trail Run 338

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Thursday 8 December 2016

Helsinki City Run half marathon 2017 has a faster and flatter route than ever before

Finland’s largest half marathon, Helsinki City Run, is making many changes for next year’s event. The most relevant change concerning runners is related to the route. Also, the start of the race has a new location. Helsinki City Run will take place on May 13th, 2017.

In 2016, over 12 000 runners ran a renewed and more urban route than before. About two-thirds of the route was along the city streets and one-third crossed Helsinki’s Central park. This change was widely praised by the runners.

Last year, the last 6km of the HCR route received plenty of feedback too – both positive and negative. The last 6 kilometers of the race had many small uphills and downhills, which came as a surprise to many of the runners, and there was also an uphill section in the middle of the route that received negative feedback. The voice of the runners is most important, and organizers have been listening to this feedback carefully in order to make changes based on the feedback. In 2017, runners will enjoy a faster and flatter course than ever before.

reitti_The route changes summarized:

  • The start area is located at Mäntymäen kenttä and Mäntymäentie, right next to Töölö Sports Hall (Kisahalli), which also hosts the event EXPO and the Competition Office. The new start is about 300m closer to the package drop than the old start. The former starting place is undergoing redevelopment (Vauhtitie).
  • At about 9.5km, the route turns left from Paciuksenkatu to Seurasaarentie. Seurasaarentie is a wonderful and beautiful coastal road where runners also pass the house of the president of Finland, Mäntyniemi. Runners join the Ramsaynranta sidewalk and run under Paciuksenkatu. From here, the route continues through Pikkuhuopalahti until Hakamäentie/Vihdintie.
  • Hakamäentie/Vihdintie is crossed over a bridge. After the crossing, runners go straight through Kauppalanpuisto. The route continues along Matkamiehentie and Nuijamiehentie towards Northern Haaga. About 300m after passing under Metsäläntie, the course turns towards Central Park (Keskuspuisto).
  • In Central Park, the route stays on the flattest roads. The most northern point is before Maunula cemetery. After going under Metsäläntie again, the runners reach the highest point of the route (22.8 m) and start the last 4km of flat and declining roads towards the goal at Sonera Stadium (4m above sea level).

Helsinki City Run half marathon already has thousands of registered runners. The price becomes incrementally higher, normally at the end of each month. We also accept the sports vouchers provided by employers as a payment method.

Welcome to experience the best of Helsinki and to test out the new route!

Helsinki City Run on May 13th, 2017